These videos I provide for free. They summarize the essential building blocks that help everyone.

Video One – Eating for Optimal Health

The first video is based on maximizing the key component that fuels everything that happens in your body—food.  Not only the quality of food counts, but, consistently balancing alkalizing foods (green leafy veggies and most other veggies, most fruit, whole grains, seeds/almonds) with acidifying foods (protein) ensures improved absorption of more nutrients and increases the ability to eliminate any inflammation, toxins, metabolites or hormones.

Video Two – Drinking Water

The second expands the elimination processDrinking water is like having a shower to remove the “dirt” from the inside.  Optimizing the amount of water or herbal tea you drink minimizes swelling, inflammation and accumulation of toxins in your body.

Video Three – Maximizing Activity

The third video emphasizes activity.  Activity, especially outside, has been shown to have more benefits than any drug, herb, homeopathic or coping skill combined!

Video Four – Dry Skin Brushing

Continuing down the road of elimination is dry skin brushing. The fourth video discusses towelling off in lymph direction.  This will enhance your body’s ability to move toxins and metabolites to the lymph centres to efficiently remove them from the system.

Video Five – Improving Absorption of Food

You can choose and eat a variety of healthy, farm fresh foods, but, if your body is not absorbing them well, you will not get the benefits from them. The fifth video gives you guidance on increasing assimilation of nutrients.

Video Six – Enhancing Sleep

The sixth video examines a very under-rated event—sleep.  It is crucial to be able to function your best and give your body the time it needs to heal itself.

Video Seven – Using Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are wonderful to help you get to sleep, stay asleep, improve digestion, eliminate toxins and hormones, cope better with stressors and facilitate relaxation. Everyone should be using them!!!! Learn how in the seventh video.

Video Eight- Adding Probiotics

The eighth video emphasizes the importance of proper friendly bacteria that work throughout our body to help digest food, eliminate bad bugs, create digestive enzymes and prevent infections.

Video Nine –  Eating Rotated Seeds

Lastly, the ninth video discusses why eating seeds on a rotational basis improves our hormonal balance for men and women!

Putting in place all these steps into your routine takes time, but, is well worth the effort!! Having a solid foundation minimizes the need for drugs, supplements or other strategies that not only improves your health and coping ability, but, maximizes your resiliency, energy, sense of well-being and happiness.  You’ll truly be on the road to long term wellness!  Get on board!