“After years of seasonal allergies, I went to see Dr Gill for testing. She was able to pinpoint the irritants and desensitize my system over the course of a few months.  It’s been 4 years since and I no longer require over the counter allergy medication or puffers.”


“My thyroid was so enlarged it was choking me when I tried to eat.  The medication wasn’t working, so, in desperation, I agreed to have half my thyroid removed.  I was also having what I thought were anaphylactic reactions, which were very frightening, so I decided to go to a naturopath to find out what I was allergic to.  The naturopath told me my system was extremely over-burdened and was fighting to keep going.  Dr. Gill tested me for a variety of foods, vitamins and minerals and told me I needed to change what I was eating.  I also had Crohn’s disease and had been taking methotrexate for 11 years which didn’t seem to be helping.  I was upset to hear that a lot of what I had been eating was wrong for me and I had to change what I ate.  However, I immediately went shopping and started the new way of eating.  Within 24 hours my thyroid was down enough that it quit choking me and within three days my body was functioning like I didn’t have Crohn’s!  Unbelievable!  If it hadn’t happened to me, I don’t know that I would have believed it.  I cancelled my surgery and no longer take any pharmaceutical medications!  I now have my energy back and can remain active and happy.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Gill’s since January of 2005. When I first started seeing her I had some serious issues that I needed help with that my regular doctor was not able to help me with.  Dr. Gill provided me with the knowledge of what my body was able to handle and what it wasn’t through testing.  I went off some foods to give my body a rest and slowly introduced them back into my diet.  With the change in diet and proper vitamins and homeopathics I was stunned at how good I started to feel.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer and had many surgeries which left my body run down with some disfiguring scars.  With the help of Dr. Gill, my scars look absolutely amazing!  She also helped bring my body through all the anesthetics and antibiotics that I had to be on during and after my surgeries.

I continue to see Dr. Gill once a month to maintain and take care of anything that might come up.  Without Dr. Gill I do not know how my health would be today.  We are what we eat and I’ve learned that in order to feel well we have to eat well!

Thanks to Dr. Gill I have got Zip back in my Do-dah!!”


“In August 2003, I had my annual medical check-up done and then my blood work tested. A couple of weeks later, I received a call to get another test done, as my lymphocytes were 5.1 instead of the normal 3.3. I checked back to 2002 and it was at 3.9, high even then. The test results came back and it was suggested there was a lymphoproliferative disorder of large granular lymphocytes, in other words, lymphocytosis. I went to see a local specialist and it was decided to wait and see if it would improve or worsen and treat it then, likely with chemotherapy. I then asked for a referral to a hematologist in Vancouver.

When we received the diagnosis of lymphocytosis, the doctor could not adequately explain the numbers to me. My wife suggested that I see Dr. Gill as she could possibly explain the results, which she did. She suggested a combination on supplements to build up my immune system and my lymphocyte count started dropping. It was soon at mid-range and has been there for 10 years, all thanks to Dr. Gill.

I first started seeing the hematologist twice a year and tem reduced it to once a year in 2006. I get my blood work done every 3 months and when I go to Vancouver to the specialist. I bring copies of these to Dr. Gill so she can track my progress.

I believe that it has been the guidance that Dr. Gill has given me that has resulted in my continued good results.”


“I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia in 1999 after being bed ridden, in pain and unable to function in daily life. The medical doctors’ only answer was to go on anti-depressants (even though I was not depressed) and just learn to manage the symptoms.

I started to see Dr. Gill in 2000 and that started my path to whole body healing. It has been a slow but thorough progression (Dr. Gill said mine was a complicated case) working on correcting my disorders which included auto immune (vitiligo), digestion, hormonal, thyroid, adrenal as well as multiple food sensitivities. As each of these disorders were treated, my energy increased, my pain decreased and the symptoms of these diseases started to disappear.

Thanks to Dr. Gill, I am delighted to say I am now pain free, working full time, hiking, skiing, gardening and living a full and healthy life.”


“In my experience, Dr. Gill’s knowledge, skills and insights are unmatched in the healing profession.  After navigating many physicians, Dr. Gill easily diagnosed and corrected all of my health issues over the many years I’ve seen her.  I completely trust her expertise and often recommend her to folks who are searching for answers or a more preventive approach to wellness.  I am so grateful to her for her support and non-judgement. 

Thank you Brenda!”


“In September 2007 I had a itchy, red rash on different parts of my body – particularly on my face and arms.  This was attributed to a medication I was taking for osteopenia. (I stopped taking this medication)  In 2008 my Doctor prescribed another medication for my osteopenia.  However, this caused an even more severe reaction.  I had the same symptoms, but worse.  My Doctor prescribed a cortisone cream for the rash.
In 2009 I made an appointment with Dr. Gill.  She suggested changing my diet and to add some supplements to help get rid of my problem.  Eventually these symptoms subsided.

In 2012 I was having a problem with my thyroid and soon would need medication  to treat it.  Dr. Gill prescribed some drops to help my thyroid.  I had my blood tested a couple of months later and it indicated my thyroid was near normal.”


“Since 1997, Dr. Brenda Gill has been an integral part of my health care. She is a very knowledgeable and caring professional, who takes time to listen to patient needs and concerns.  She has given me recommendations to help me prevent illness and achieve optimum health.  Dr. Gill has outlined comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle plans and provided remedies and supplements to treat a wide range of health issues.  Last year Dr. Gill successfully treated both a recent shoulder injury and chronic knee pain with a series of cold laser therapy sessions and I have been able to resume my regular activities and exercise routine since that time.”


“After years of traditional medicine, and getting no answers for a digestion problem, I  felt frusterated., A friend told me about Dr. Gill, so, I thought I would give it a try.

Dr. Gill put a plan in order of foods that would not bother my digestion and foods to avoid. . I had no idea that certain foods I was eating were causing such a problem.

Also she helped me with my vitamin deficiencies.  Now, I have more energy, have lost some weight and not having to take precription drugs. I still have a sensitive digestive system, but for the most part its manageable and much better.”


“I just wanted to let you know that the Cold Laser Treatment that I received has proven successful. The sacroiliac joint pain symptoms along with my hip joint pain seems to have totally dissipated after several sessions. I believe that in working in consultation with my Athletic Therapist, Christy Nichol, helped to pinpoint the areas that needed attention. The follow-up program that was suggested has been effective also.”


“We took our daughter to Dr. Gill when she was first born to have her foods tested. By knowing what foods her system was sensitive to allowed me to watch what I ate the 16 months she was nursing. Our daughter never had diaper rash’s or digestion issues and I believe Dr. Gill had an impact on that.”


“My eight-year-old son was struggling with anxiety, frustration, violent outbursts, and trouble sleeping. We had been through counselling and were reluctantly considering psychiatric and pharmaceutical intervention when someone suggested we consult a naturopath. Our first appointment with Dr. Gill was informative and reassuring. She developed a homeopathic specific to his needs and satisfied my scientific scrutiny by linking his behaviour to overactive adrenals exacerbated by his premature birth. It has been just over a year and our son is now thriving – he is happy, rested, and much more in control of his emotions. For our family, Dr. Gill’s treatment has been life changing!”


“In the Spring of 2000, I began to feel tired, loss of appetite, body aches, nausea and some weight loss was evident.  I really felt ill.  I was in and out of the doctor’s office which is unusual for me.  No reason seemed to be evident for why I was feeling this way.  My GP at the time ordered some tests (barium enema, stool testing for parasites).  The government would only cover 1 stool sample (instead of 3 to be accurate) unless the person had travelled out of Canada.  I had not.  The tests came back negative.  So, I was put on an anti-depressant medication

Following  the barium enema, which cleared out everything, I felt much improved for about 3 months.  Then the symptoms began to return.  I was fairly certain now that the problem was in my gastro-intestinal tract.  I went back to the doctor and insisted on a 3 stool  sample test for parasites.  Then I had to insist at the lab that all 3 specimens would be tested.  The results showed a water borne parasite was present.  I was put on antibiotics and I did improve and felt better, but, I was still very fatigued.

A family member suggested Dr. Gill, a naturopath.  By then this had been going on for me for about 8 months.  I began to wonder if I was imagining these symptoms!

On my first visit to Dr. Gill, I felt I had been listened to as an individual.  I was put on a plan of supplements and an anti-parastic.  In about 4 months, I was back to normal and feeling well.  I have had two relapses, but, Dr. Gill’s new regime proved to be successful.”


“Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  After very invasive surgery and a persistent infection, I declined chemo therapy.  My laser acupuncturist recommended I see Dr.Brenda Gill.

Within weeks the infection was cleared up and I was beginning to feel human again.

Two years later the surgeon diagnosed cancer again and the prognoses was dire–I had less than a year left to live.  Luckily I continued to see Dr.Gill, who was a calming influence on my upside-down life.  After reviewing all the paperwork, she maintained that the information was inconclusive.  Later, after more invasive surgery, Dr. Gill’s diagnosis was confirmed by the oncologist–no cancer was found this second time.

My five years post-cancer have lapsed.  Thanks to Dr. Brenda Gill I am healthier than I have been for decades. Her dietary suggestions are life giving while her manner is calm and progressive.  With Dr. Gill’s help, I have blossomed to such an extent, that friends are commenting on it and some are now also following her suggestions.”


“Having dealt with a number of health issues that were not being addressed by traditional medical doctors,  I decided to see Dr. Gill. She helped with a deep vein thrombosis pain problem and an irregular heart beat almost immediately. My health has been improving over the past 18 years that I have been a patient. I would heartily recommend Dr. Gill to anyone who has been dealing with health problems and not getting good results elsewhere.”


“I  had major surgery for colon cancer. After good care from my primary physician, and the surgical team at our local hospital…. I was considered cancer free.

Great news though that was, I still continued with a long and painful recovery, including severe anxiety. I was prescribed Ativan, but was very concerned with any long term use of benzodiazepines.

With Dr. Brenda Gill’s help, I was able to resolve all my anxiety safely, and using supplements and specific diet changes, I enjoy good health 7 years after my surgery.”


“Several years ago, my young son suffered several bouts of strop throat, then eventually painful eczema on his hands. Several prescriptions of antibiotics and steroid creams later, he was looking much worse….he even had a grey looking complexion. I felt I had no prevention plan in place, and after talking about this to others, it was suggested to me to bring him to see Dr. Brenda Gill. So with Dr. Gill’s testing, questioning etc. it was determined that he had some fairly severe dietary sensitivities and triggers for his condition. With these changes and some specific supplements, he has had no further illnesses of these kind, his overall Health improved immensely and even his colour pinked up!”


“Dr. Gill has been a major care giver in my life for the past 20 yrs.  In that time she has saved me from having a hysterectomy, which two MDs had recommended, by simply using homeopathic remedies and the second time she altered the course of my life was during cancer treatment.

I was diagnosed with Merkel cell carcinoma ( a rare and aggressive skin cancer) in 2009 and had to undergo surgeries to my face and 33 full doses of radiation to the left side of my head and throat.  Dr. Gill provided supplements and lots of moral support which helped me deal with the situation.  The supplements are not to be dismissed that easily, however.  In comparing myself to the two others in the cancer lodge that had had comparable radiation -one to her head and another to his throat- I came through with flying colours.  They were being fed by interveneous and couldn’t speak.  I could speak through the whole ordeal and although I had open burns in my mouth, I was still able to eat by using a straw.  That may not sound impressive but trust me, it was huge.  Happily I can say I have been clear of cancer for over 5 years!

I always suggest to the people around me that have health problems to check out alternate treatments and not just go along blindly with whatever procedures the conventional medical professionals suggest.”


“In 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and given only 6 months to live. After the usual treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, along with the side effects of nausea, vomiting, extreme tiredness, pain and hopelessness, I decided that another approach was necessary. I knew that my body was in trouble and decided to do everything possible. I went to Dr. Brenda Gill who brought me back to a healthy condition by treating my whole body with the necessary nutrients, homeopathics and  tinctures that I needed to fight my battle against cancer. It is now 2015 and I am healthy and full of energy to enjoy life, which has become so precious to me. Thank you Dr. Gill.”


“In 2013, I was diagnosis with a Trigger Thumb. My own doctor recommended that I should have a surgical procedure to repair the problem.

My wife suggested that I should go to Dr.Gill for Cold Laser treatment of this problem, I agreed and after four treatments the problem improved, I had an additional four treatments. The results, no more Trigger Thumb and I was able to go back to doing woodwork without any more problems. Would I do it again, Yes!”


“In less than 2 months of treatment Dr. Gill has turned my life around. I suffered from frequent migraines, almost constant headaches and neck pain, body aches and allergies. I lived on pain killers, and missed out on a lot that healthy life had to offer. Dr. Gill assessed my body’s needs and sensitivities, suggested diet changes and vitamins, as well as simple techniques to rid my body of toxins. She stressed that she could help & I had to help to make this work, that I must be determined and diligent.

So I gave up refined sugars, wheat products, coffee, tea, beef, pork, and all cow dairy, which was a challenge. It was only hard for a couple of days, coffee being the most difficult, but by using the substitutions Dr. Gill suggested I had great success. Apparently my body rejects a lot of food products and creates a toxic environment that was making me sick. We have always eaten a very healthy diet, full of home grown organic fruits, veggies and meats, but Dr. Gill’s tests have proven that I cannot tolerate certain foods. Now I have almost no body pain, headaches, or sore neck muscles. My weight is down 7 pounds in 2 months, even though we had a holiday at an all inclusive resort! I feel great, I look better, and my energy level is high.

Thank you Dr. Gill for leading me to a healthier and happier life.”



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