Treatments and Services Available

The Natural Path Clinic offers natural medicine services to patients from the Kootenays and around the globe. My true passion is actually solving health problems that no one else has been able to unravel. If you’re not satisfied with your care, consider contacting us – it doesn’t cost anything to ask questions.

We offer a wide range of services, including clinical nutrition, herbal treatments, laser therapy, homeopathy, supplementation and much more. Here’s a small selection of the treatment tools and services I offer in my Rossland clinic – please click on any title below for more information.

Complete health evaluation, lab testing and examinations
Personalized health care plans
Nutritional analysis
Natural medicines
Stress management
Vitamin & Mineral testing
Organ health testing
Focus testing
Environmental allergy testing
Food testing
Laser therapy

When you’re ready, call our office at (250) 362-5035 to book an appointment.

Complete Health Evaluation and Examination

Many of my patients have commented that the health evaluation done in my clinic is the most thorough they have ever experienced. Unlike other health practitioners, naturopathic doctors are physicians who can access a wide range of tools needed to diagnosis and treat their patients. Tools used to gather health information are as follows:

  • Extensive health history forms
  • 1 hour initial consultation with vitamin/mineral testing
  • Thorough physical examination
  • Breast exam, gynecological examination and Pap smear
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Food , organ health, vitamin & mineral deficiency and focus testing via Vega testing
  • Laboratory testing

– Salivary hormone levels
– Blood type assessment
– Heavy metals – hair analysis
– Adrenal stress testing

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Personalized Health Care Plans

Your personalized health care plan is formulated based on the information gathered from you, testing, your needs and priorities as well as the underlying cause. I set up simple steps designed to give you the foundation to improve your health. I may suggest food testing for patients with digestive concerns, herbal protocols for skin problems or hormonal balancers for patients with hormonal issues. Everyone is unique, therefore, after setting the foundation each person is treated individually.

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Nutritional Analysis and Plan

Naturopathic physicians are experts in nutrition. We know that “food is our medicine” and food choices play a key role in preventing and reversing many diseases, such as heart disease, eczema, asthma and cancer. Optimizing nutrition is also an important factor in treating many other disorders such as chronic infections, attention deficit disorder, digestive problems, headaches and many more diseases.

I encourage patients to do food testing and teach them appropriate dietary changes, since what we eat is our foundation. Optimizing our choices minimizes the need for supplements or other corrections and can eliminate the need for drugs.

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Natural Medicines

Naturopathic doctors have access to high-quality nutritional and herbal supplements that have strict quality control and are not available through health food stores. I select my supplements from the most reputable suppliers available and have many custom made to my specifications. Herbal tinctures are fresh and organic when possible, blended teas custom made and supplements selected based on their high bio-availability, hypo-allergenic and natural materials, thus, NO TABLETS!!!! For more information, contact our office. You are welcome to purchase any supplies from our office.

Herbal Medicine

Plants have been used as medicines since our beginning. Naturopathic physicians are professional, trained herbalists who know both the historical uses of plants and their modern physiological mechanisms. In many cases, herbal medicine provides a safe, nontoxic therapy for medical concerns ranging from ear infections to cancer.


Homeopathy (hom’-ee-op’-a-thee) is a 200 year old system of medicine that has been shown to effectively treat people with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical problems. Naturopathic physicians are well versed in using homeopathics and often use them to correct imbalances. They are derived from small amounts of minerals, plants and other chemical substances. However, finding the right one for a specific person needs to be individually assessed since there are many homeopathics for the same problem. Homeopathy can be incredibly effective in healing mental and emotional issues.


It is often difficult to absorb enough nutrients from our food, especially if it is not organic, thus, I supplement with vitamins, minerals, hormones or combinations if needed to bring about a rapid improvement. These are all individually assessed and prescribed.

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Stress Management

Handing stressors effectively is imperative to achieving wellness. I can teach you simple lifestyle modification techniques which are tremendously useful. As well, I offer adrenal testing and interpret the resultant hormones levels. I often suggest certain supplements, herbs or modification techniques that will help bring them back to balance.

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Vitamin and Mineral Testing

Testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and correcting them sets the initial step on the path to healing. I usually encourage people to increase the foods that have high levels of the deficient nutrient or may suggest supplementation if it is too hard to utilize a food source. Rectifying insufficient nutrients often gives the body what it needs to fix itself.

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Organ Health Testing

Often, when I am treating a patient with a complicated health picture, I suggest testing organ function to see which organs are weak and are affecting the system. This way, I can have a much more comprehensive picture of which organs are involved.

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Focus Testing

Again, with a multi-layered health picture, focus testing will tell me what the body is concentrating on to fix itself. It could be heavy metals, allergies, infections, enzyme deficiencies, mental anguish, acidity or others. This is useful, because, if I match a supplement or a homeopathic to address where the body is focusing, it will be much more effective and long lasting.

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Environmental Allergy Testing

I can test for a multitude of environmental allergies such as dust, hair and tree pollen to artificial irritants such as perfume, paint, tobacco smoke and Styrofoam. Simple tools can be put in place to minimizing the exposure. This will decrease the total load on the body, thus reducing the immune response.

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Food testing

In my opinion, it would benefit everyone to know which foods work the best for their body. Everyone has a unique make-up, so, choosing the most beneficial foods to cook and eat the majority of the time will certainly heighten your level of health. Imagine if every child was food tested, they would have many less health problems as they mature. Just think how much more relaxed life would be for you if your children were tested.

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Laser Therapy

I often incorporate laser treatments as part of your overall health plan. Laser therapy is a high-tech solution for people suffering from spinal, joint and muscle pain. It is a painless therapy that uses pulsed infra-red light that promotes rapid recovery from acute and chronic pain. It is a highly effective treatment backed by extensive scientific study. Thousands of people no longer live with pain thanks to laser therapy. For more information on how laser therapy can help relieve your pain, click here.

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