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Services and Fees Schedule

Naturopathic doctors require more time with their patients to determine the underlying causes, as well as treating the immediate symptoms and our patients appreciate the level of service they receive. Unlike medical doctors under the health plan, we can charge for our time and can therefore offer as much time as needed to provide comprehensive and empathetic medical care.

Visits to the Doctor

Initial consultation fee or pediatric consultation – $145

The initial adult or pediatric consultation is 60 minutes long and the fees include the doctor’s time spent thoroughly reviewing the extensive medical history forms, any blood or urine test results as well as testing for deficiencies in vitamins or minerals.

Initial pediatric consultation with food testing fees – $195

The initial pediatric consultation + food testing is 60 minutes long and the fees include reviewing the pediatric form and testing for food allergies, sensitivities and irritants.

Initial pediatric consultation with vitamin/mineral & food testing fees – $245

The initial pediatric consultation + food & vitamin/mineral deficiencies is 90 minutes long and the fees include reviewing the pediatric form, testing for vitamin/mineral deficiencies and testing for food allergies, sensitivities and irritants.

Initial laser consultation and treatment fees – $50

The initial laser consultation is 30 minutes long and the fees are for an initial 15 minute treatment on one area.

Follow-up consultation fees – $80

Follow-up consultation is 30 minutes long, giving you ample time to discuss your progress and re-checking your deficient vitamin/mineral levels.

½ Follow-up consultation + ½ full vitamin/mineral testing fees – $85
Follow-up consultation with re-check of vitamin/minerals is 30 minutes long and is done after 1/yr to include an update on all vitamins and minerals.

Follow-up consultation with PAP/breast exam fees – $110
Follow-up consultation with PAP/breast exam is 45 minutes to give you ample time to discuss your progress and have a thorough breast exam and PAP smear.

Physical exam and PAP smear fees – $115

Physical exam and PAP smear is 45 minutes to ensure a thorough physical exam and PAP smear.

Follow-up laser treatment fees – $50 (unless a package of 6 is purchased for $270)

Follow-up laser treatment is 15 minutes for each area treated.

Extended Follow-up visit fees – $145

Extended Follow-up consultations are 60 minutes long for patients that have not been to the clinic for over 8 months. This gives ample time to review all the changes that have occurred over that period of time and any immediate concerns. This ensures all the pieces of the puzzle are there and nothing is missed. Treating the whole person is always the key to long-lasting health.

Vega Testing

Vega testing Information

Full food allergies fees – $110

Organ testing (vitality of organs) fees – $50

Environmental (Natural and artificial) testing fees – $50

Focus testing (where your body is focusing it’s energy and attention to repair itself) testing fees- $50

Laboratory Testing

Hair analysis tests for vitamin/mineral levels and heavy metal – $125

Blood typing tests to see what blood type you are- A, B, O or AB. – $25

Candida testing evaluates the level of Candida in the body. – $25

Health Insurance and Naturopathic Care

No referral is necessary to see a naturopathic physician.

In British Columbia, naturopathic physicians are no longer covered by MSP (your “care card”). Patients on MSP’s Premium Assistance Plan are eligible for partial coverage. You will need to submit your receipts for any re-imbursement.

Private extended medical plans often provide coverage for naturopathic services and lab work. Contact your extended medical plan company to find out the specific details of your policy. The patient is responsible for submitting their receipt for extended health reimbursement and making copies for your income tax at the end of the year.


The British Columbia Naturopathic Association

The College of Naturopathic Physicians of B.C.

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors is a leading provider of consumer information, and conducts independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. Results of tests are published online at

The Health Action Network Society is involved in health advocacy work and regularly sponsors speakers on relevant topics.

The Canadian Womens’ Health Network provides a wealth of information for woman of all ages.

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