Reducing high blood pressure is one of the conditions in people I often see and help bring it down to normal levels. It is always worthwhile to try dietary and lifestyle changes first, before adding a drug, to see if the body can re-balance itself, which it usually does. Some of the strategies to lower blood pressure are: BLOOD PRESSURE

• Cook with only olive oil and use flax seed oil with olive oil on salads. Use butter sparingly.

• Decrease dietary fats as much as possible (i.e. animal products- meat, dairy products and desserts. Remember, sugar turns to fat too if not used by the body)

• Eat some raw foods daily, steaming is better than boiling and sauté food rather than frying.

• Increase your daily intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and dietary fiber (e.g. Whole grain bread/brown rice/whole grain pasta and oatmeal. Try some of the alternate grains such as quinoa, millet and kumut.)

• Use generous amounts of fresh garlic and onions in your diet.

• Decrease simple sugars in your diet (even fruit juices should be diluted 50:50 with water.)

• Use fresh, filtered, spring or bottled water, 6-8 glasses a day as a minimum.

• Minimize coffee from your diet, including decaffeinated to 2-3 cups/week.

• Be aware of sodium in your diet and watch for hidden sources- e.g. in processed foods, catsup, dressings and carbonated water.

• Enjoy eating cold water fish such as salmon, halibut, herring 2-3 times a week.

• Be conscious of stress in your life. While it is impossible to avoid, we must learn ways to manage and control stress.

• Other specific supplements for high blood pressure can be utilized if necessary. These would be specific vitamins, minerals or herbs that have been found to reduce blood pressure.

Blood Pressure – How to Reduce it

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