dr-brenda-gilllSpeaker, writer and female natural medicine doctor Brenda Gill has 20 years of experience solving health issues, not just giving a band-aid solution. She and her work have been featured in health magazines like HANS, is a regular contributor to the Rossland Telegraph, the Trail Times, the Nelson Daily, has been featured on CJLY-FM and was an expert for New Roots Herbal Inc. and formulated many of their supplements.

She often teaches “ How to” courses at a local college. Dr. Brenda’s amazing ability to connect ALL the pieces of information that make up a person’s unique situation is the key to getting clients to feel the way they want to feel.

People describe Dr. Brenda as a smart cookie. She’s known for giving the best specific tools and strategies that work while coaching with compassion and understanding. Her solutions have amazed clients at how quickly they turn around.

She’s been answering health questions for over 20 years. But, her commitment is to accurately inform the public, she doesn’t just believe in giving fantastic solutions. She wants them to make educated decisions and take charge of their health. She will do everything in her power to create a healthy, pro-active client that has the energy to take on the world!

Ask a Simple Heath Question

Many of you do not have the time to come in, so, this gives you an opportunity to ask a question for a specific problem. For instance, you may want to ask:

What do I do for my heartburn?

Please fill out the form below, ask me your question, fill in the appropriate information for PayPal and I will answer you within 2 working days with the response of the different options available. As an example I answered the above question with:

  • Relax and sit down while eating
  • Concentrate on eating and conversing while eating (no TV/internet etc)
  • Never drink while eating, because this dilutes the digestive enzymes that help break up your food
  • Chew your food completely
  • Consider peppermint tea after dinner
  • Do 15 heel drops before bed
  • Add 1-2 tsp of plain rice vinegar to your salad dressing, soups, stir-fries or on your veggies- this helps regulate your stomach acid
  • Learn to cope well with stressors to minimize cortisol, which can create heartburn
  • Consider Biogest- a supplement to regulate your stomach acid

There is a fee of $15 per question, please use the form below to ask your question and make payment via PayPal.

Arrange an Initial 60 Minute Consultation

However, if it is a complicated question that involves more than one system, such as: I have prostate cancer, how do I treat it naturally or What can I do for ulcerative colitis? This would have to be a Skype appointment, since it takes much more time to cover all your information and discuss all of your many options. You would need to use the form below to request a Skype appointment and fill out the appropriate information for PayPal payment. We will then contact you to arrange a time convenient for you.

There is a fee of $145 for an initial 60 minute appointment, please use the form below note your issues or symptoms.

Arrange a Follow Up 30 Minute Consultation

Follow-up appointments after the initial appointment are 30 minutes, where we discuss what has positively changed and what remains the same, so, we know what I need to focus on to continually help the body shift in the right direction and give appropriate suggestions. We usually set this appointment up at the end of the initial appointment. Once the appointment is set up on Skype, the appropriate information needs to be filled out again for a PayPal payment or we can directly charge your credit card.

There is a fee of $80 for the 30 minute follow up appointment, please use the form below to request an appointment.

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