dr-brenda-gilllI am Dr. Brenda Gill, speaker, writer and natural medicine doctor. I have had over 20 years of experience in my practice as a naturopathic physician solving health issues, not just giving a band-aid solution. I have been featured in health magazines, newspapers, on radio, taught at local colleges and was an expert for New Roots Herbal Inc., formulating many of their supplements.

People describe me as a smart cookie. I’m known for giving the best specific tools and strategies that work. My solutions have amazed clients by how quickly they feel better.

I’ve been answering health questions for over 20 years in my practice. Now retired, my passion has shifted to giving you accurate information and strategies that are easy to do.

I want you to make educated decisions and take charge of your health. Be a healthy, pro-active client that has the energy to take on the world!

Ask a Simple Health Question

Many of you have very busy lives, so, this gives you an opportunity to ask a question for a specific problem. For instance, you may want to ask:

What do I do for my heartburn?

If you fill out the form below, ask me your question, fill in the appropriate information for PayPal, I will answer you within 2 working days with the response of the different options available. As an example I answered the above question with:

  • Relax and sit down while eating
  • Concentrate on eating and conversing while eating (no TV/internet etc)
  • Never drink while eating, because this dilutes the digestive enzymes that help break up your food
  • Chew your food completely
  • Consider peppermint tea after dinner
  • Do 15 heel drops before bed
  • Add 1-2 tsp of plain rice vinegar to your salad dressing, soups, stir-fries or on your veggies- this helps regulate your stomach acid
  • Learn to cope well with stressors to minimize cortisol, which can create heartburn
  • Consider a supplement to regulate your stomach acid

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